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South Florida Casino Offering Space Trip As Grand Prize

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People go to casinos for a variety of reasons. Some people go just to get away from everyday life for a few hours. Other go with the intention of hitting a jackpot and becoming rich.

At the Seminole Coconuts Creek Casino in South Florida, gamblers might soon be going to the casino for a different reason. They will have a shot at winning a trip to outer space.

The idea, itself, sounds like something someone from another planet might come up with. It is, however, a real idea and a real grand prize at the Coconut Creek casino.

Space flights could be available as early as 2009. When they do, the casino will be ready to give away the $200,000 trip as part of their “Million Dollar Giveaway”. People are already getting excited about the chance to win a trip to space.

“I would rather win the space trip than a regular jackpot for $200,000. The money will come and go, but the space trip memories will be something nobody can take away from you. I think it’s a great idea,” said John Lindstron, a slot machine gambler who is frequently at the casino in Coconut Creek.

The casino has hired an outside travel agency to book the flight. they also have a backup plan if the winner does not want the trip. they will be offering $110,000 in cash instead of the trip to the winner.

Problem Gamblers Gamble To Relieve Tension, According To Study

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Casino gambling problems come in many different shapes and sizes. There are those who are just addicted to the action of being in a casino. Others are drawn to the excitement of having large sums of money riding on a game of skill, such as poker.

While there are many different circumstances that lead gamblers to casinos, one in particular stands out above the rest. The need to eliminate stress.

A Psychologist in New Zealand, Dave Clarke, has conducted a study of 150 gamblers in the country. The results are proving surprising to many casino and gambling analysts around the world.

While Clarke found that about seventeen percent of the subjects surveyed were problem gamblers, the reasons for their gambling appeared to be tension. A majority of the people surveyed claimed that they gambled to relieve stress.

The Journal of Gambling Studies has already published the findings of Clarke’s study. Other things that he found was that a large group of the people surveyed gambled to gain the acceptance of parents that were gamblers.

The urge to win money was also at the top of the list for reasons that gamblers went to casinos. Of no surprise was the amount of problem gamblers that are either depressed or impulsive.

Another interesting part of the study was that in a lot of cases, a big win from gambling usually triggered future gambling activity.

Pennsylvania Casinos

Smoking Ban In Atlantic City Could Help Pennsylvania Casinos

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Atlantic City used to be the casino gambling capital of the world. That was back in the eighties, but now the city has continually done things to drive away gamblers.

The latest of these steps was to ban smoking in their casinos. They were already having a tough time trying to get people to travel to the city, but the smoking ban puts them in a bind.

The state of Pennsylvania could be the beneficiary of the smoking laws in New Jersey. They too have a smoking ban law that is going into effect in less then two weeks. They have excluded certain areas of a casino floor from the ban, however.

With many states passing expanded casino gambling laws, people are less likely to travel out of state. Gas prices have also taken a big toll on people’s travel plans, which is further hurting Atlantic City casinos.

Pennsylvania casinos could see a large jump in business in October. That is when the smoking laws go into effect in Atlantic City. Currently, Pennsylvania casinos are preparing for the possibility of the increased business.

Mohegan Sun Has Successful First Weekend With New Poker Room

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Casino expansion is not high on the list of developers these days. With the economy hurting the casino industry for the first time in a long time, casino expansion has been slowed around the United States.

Several projects that had been in the works by big time casino developers have now gone on hold. Others have pulled bids to build casinos in areas that have recently changed laws allowing casinos in their states.

The Mohegan Sun Casino, however, will not be one of the ones that is lumped in with that former group. They have expanded and their new casino is drawing rave reviews. Casino of the Wind opened on Friday night amidst great anticipation.

The early reviews are that Mohegan Sun has created a winner of a casino. The poker room, which holds forty two tables, is spacious and has a comforting feel to it.

“As people are making hard choices about where to spend their discretionary income and where to recreate, it’s great that we have something new for them to see,” said Mohegan Sun CEO Mitchell Etess to the Hardford Courant newspaper.

The casino has a month long celebration planned to welcome the new casino. In addition to the gaming options, Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville restaurant is also one of the new attractions.

City Casinos

Smoking Ban in Atlantic Must Wait A Couple Weeks

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Atlantic City is close to making sure that there is no smoking inside the city’s casino floors, but the ordinance will have to wait. It seems City Council President William Marsh is pouting over not being involved in a late change to the ordinance.

Several councilmen made a couple of last minute changes to the ordinance without the knowledge of Marsh. Since he felt it is inconceivable that any changes should be made without his involvement, he decided to punish non smokers for a couple of more weeks.

“Everyone knew but me, until I got a call from a reporter. There was never discussion with me. I deserve that respect,” said Marsh. Obviously he felt slighted by not being informed of the minor changes.

Patrons of the casinos that were looking forward to the non smoking ordinance, will now have to wait a couple of weeks until the ordinance is reconsidered.

Hopefully by then, Marsh will get the respect he feels he deserves. In the meantime, smokers who go to the casinos will hope that somebody else annoys Marsh. Then maybe he will delay the smoking ordinance again.

When the ordinance is finally passed, casinos will have to have designated smoking areas. They will have to be separated by walls. Construction will need to be done at many of the casinos to comply with the new laws.

West Virginia Casino Shows Arrogance in Union Negotiations

Around the country, there is a growing trend among casino workers. they are turning their fate over to negotiators, and are joining unions in record numbers for the industry.

One union in West Virginia, has its workers prepared for a strike starting on Saturday night. the workers are not happy with the wages and benefits they are receiving.

The casino, the Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort, has about two hundred workers ready to walk out on Saturday night if there is not an agreement reached. Negotiators have gone back to the table to try and get a deal worked out.

A Federal mediator was the one who pushed the sides back to the negotiating table, according to Kevin Kilroy, a spokesman for Local 23.

The casino’s executives have shown to be indifferent to whether or not the workers walk out. they have showed their arrogance by claiming that even if the walk out does occur, it will not effect business.

That attitude of not needing these workers is the thought process that puts these two sides in this position in the first place. The workers are claiming that they cannot afford health care with the poverty wages they are paid.

The sides will continue to negotiate up until the strike deadline on Saturday.