Stanley Ho Casino Firm Has Slow Start On First Day Of Listing

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Stanley Ho has been in a bitter battle with his sister Winnie over whether he should have been able to list his casino firm publicly. He won that right last week, and on Wednesday the firm was listed.

The first day of trading did not go exactly how Ho had envisioned when he decided to publicly list Sociedade de Jogos de Macau Holdings. The company was expected to come out of the gates selling heavy, but that was not the case.

“You know our path towards the listing has not been smooth. But we have successfully overcome a series of obstacles, turning challenges into opportunities. True gold is not afraid of the fire of the red furnace,” said Ho, referencing a Chinese proverb.

Investors have been slow to move towards the company after the legal spiele von novoline battle that took place last week between Ho and his sister. He eventually won the court battle, but the bump in the road has made investors think twice.

Ho is trying to raise money so that he can renovate his casinos in Macau. With the influx of Las Vegas operators, it has become increasingly important that he keep up in the crowded casino gambling market.

Gambling Interest Money Turned Down By Slots Opponents In Md.

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The state of Maryland has a heated battle going on between groups that want slot machine expansion in the state and their opponents. The opponents even include members with actual gambling interests.

The opponents of the expanded slots, however, are not being so quick to run and get support from the gambling interests groups. In fact, they have made it very clear that they do not want campaign money from the groups.

StopSlotsMaryland and Marylanders United To Stop Slots have both come out and vowed not to accept any campaign money from groups with gambling interests. That move comes even as those groups money would go a long way in helping in the fight against slot expansion.

The groups have offered up the money because although they are in the gambling business, they fear that expansion could hurt their existing business. They have joined the fight against expanded slots gambling even though the two groups appear to be fighting from different corners.

While some groups have turned down the money, others have not ruled out the possibility of accepting contributions. For Maryland, Our Future has said that they would still consider accepting contributions from the gambling interest groups.

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