South Florida Casino Offering Space Trip As Grand Prize

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People go to casinos for a variety of reasons. Some people go just to get away from everyday life for a few hours. Other go with the intention of hitting a jackpot and becoming rich.

At the Seminole Coconuts Creek Casino in South Florida, gamblers might soon be going to the casino for a different reason. They will have a shot at winning a trip to outer space.

The idea, itself, sounds like something someone from another planet might come up with. It is, however, a real idea and a real grand prize at the Coconut Creek casino.

Space flights could be available as early as 2009. When they do, the casino will be ready to give away the $200,000 trip as part of their “Million Dollar Giveaway”. People are already getting excited about the chance to win a trip to space.

“I would rather win the space trip than a regular jackpot for $200,000. The money will come and go, but the space trip memories will be something nobody can take away from you. I think it’s a great idea,” said John Lindstron, a slot machine gambler who is frequently at the casino in Coconut Creek.

The casino has hired an outside travel agency to book the flight. they also have a backup plan if the winner does not want the trip. they will be offering $110,000 in cash instead of the trip to the winner.

Problem Gamblers Gamble To Relieve Tension, According To Study

Casino gambling problems come in many different shapes and sizes. There are those who are just addicted to the action of being in a casino. Others are drawn to the excitement of having large sums of money riding on a game of skill, such as poker.

While there are many different circumstances that lead gamblers to casinos, one in particular stands out above the rest. The need to eliminate stress.

A Psychologist in New Zealand, Dave Clarke, has conducted a study of 150 gamblers in the country. The results are proving surprising to many casino and gambling analysts around the world.

While Clarke found that about seventeen percent of the subjects surveyed were problem gamblers, the reasons for their gambling appeared to be tension. A majority of the people surveyed claimed that they gambled to relieve stress.

The Journal of Gambling Studies has already published the findings of Clarke’s study. Other things that he found was that a large group of the people surveyed gambled to gain the acceptance of parents that were gamblers.

The urge to win money was also at the top of the list for reasons that gamblers went to casinos. Of no surprise was the amount of problem gamblers that are either depressed or impulsive.

Another interesting part of the study was that in a lot of cases, a big win from gambling usually triggered future gambling activity.

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