South Florida Indian Casinos Bracing For Blackjack Madness

Blackjack is right there with poker when it comes to the popularity of the two games in casinos. Both games are at the top of the list for people, and both are major money makers for casinos.

In South Florida, the Seminole Indians are getting ready to offer blackjack under a compact that was signed by Governor Charlie Crist. The casinos know the madness that will accompany the new game, and they are starting to get prepared.

“We know that people have been waiting for blackjack down here for a long time, when we finally let them play, it is going to be crazy,” says longtime dealer at one of the Seminole casinos, Bob Duprey.

The madness will certainly have an impact on revenue that the casinos will make. That is what Governor Crist was hoping for. The Seminoles will now be obligated to pay the state a portion of their revenue.

The target date for blackjack to be offered is June. The Seminoles have already began traveling the country, holding job fairs where they hope to use the lure of South Florida to find dealers and floor staff.

The Seminole Coconut Creek Casino has plans of expanding their current casino. Eventually, they are hoping to build a hotel, and various retail stores, much like the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

Rhode Island House And Senate To Decide On Expanded Casino Hours

The first step in generating casino revenue for any state is to legalize casino gambling. One of the next steps is to put those casinos in the best position to succeed. That step will occur this week in Rhode Island.

State lawmakers will vote this week on whether or not to allow the two slot casinos in the state to stay open for twenty four hours a day. The House will vote on Tuesday, and the Senate will vote on Wednesday.

By the end of the week, the two slot parlors will know the hours they will be able to operate. Expanding the hours around the clock will increase the revenue that the slot halls are generating.

The change would not be for all seven days during the week. Under the new Bill, they would be allowed to stay open for twenty four hours on the weekends, and also on holidays. During the week they would have to close at 3:00 A.M..

The state is considering the expanded hours to help with the budget. Like other states currently, Rhode Island is having trouble generating enough money to balance the state budget.

It is expected that millions of dollars would be raised by expanding the hours of the two casinos. Lawmakers against the Bill, feel the state should pursue other avenues to help balance a budget that looks to be a deficit of $550 million.

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