Craps The Basic Rules

Craps is the most exciting casino game if you know the meaning of excitement in terms of gaming experience. This is the only game that you can really feel about what gambling is all about. The game starts when players place their bets on Craps the table. The table is moderated by four delaers. The boxman looks over the pieces, monitors the croupiers and basically observes everything that will transpire in the craps table. Two low croupiers stand in either side of the table. They collect losing chips and pay winning bets. Finally, stickman stands directly opposite the boxman. The action of the game is controlled by the stickman.

Stickman will place a set of dice on the table for the shooter to choose. The shooter is the player chosen to roll the dice. The players actually take turns rolling and everyone bets on the same ride. The round begins when the stickman announces “go out to roll. Once the shooter has chosen a set of dice, he will then roll the dice across the craps table to the other side. Most casino will require that the dice will be rolled with one hand to discourage cheating like switching and “controlled shot”. If one of the dice bounces off the table a new one will be chosen from the original set.

If the result is seven or eleven, considered normal, all those who bet on line ‘victory’ pass. They payout is 2 to one. If the result is two, three, or twelve, considered as craps, the line “bets the pass” lose. The dealer will proceed to collect the losing pieces. The shooter continues to roll until a seven rises also considered as “seven-out”.

Those who bet on “do not pass”, will win on come-out roll if the result is two or three. They lose if the result is seven or eleven and equality out of twelve. When any other number is raised like four, five, six, eight, nine, or ten, the roll is called a “point” and is the same with both pass line and do not pass bets. The point will then be set as the basis for future victories for the passing line bet while do not pass wins if a seven is rolled out.

Those who bet on the passing line are called “right bettors” while those who bet do not die are called “false bettors”. This is due to the fact that most players still bet on the line of passage. Once the first shooter sevens-out, a new shooter will usually pick the person next to him. He should make a minimum bet on or the line of passage or do not pass the line.

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