Spencer Bachus Approves of Nanny State, Opposes Parenting

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Something that may harm children should be banned completely, says Congressman Spencer Bachus, long time foe of online gambling.

“If you put a computer in a teenager’s bedroom… it’s a temptation that many fall prey to,” Bachus stated about Internet gambling.

However, if the government were to follow this logic than they should also ban alcohol, cigarettes, pornography, lotteries, horse racing, guns, cable TV, satellite radio, magazines, and any other product or form of entertainment that may cause children harm.

Long time supporter of legalization and regulation of all forms of online gambling, Gordon Price, said, “Instead of teaching parents how to filter the Internet, instead of insisting that children do not have access to the Internet in the comfort of their own room, Congressman Bachus would rather we just ban all activities and live in a Nanny state.

“Mr. Bachus is stuck in a 1920’s state of mind,” Price continued. “He is leading our country into a fascist state, one that dictates to its people, instead of informing its people, and allowing its people to make their own responsible decisions.

“These are the same fear tactics that lead us to the Iraq war, these are the same fear tactics that are used in fascists society in order to gain full control over the people, and it’s the reason why the United States kicked the Republicans out of office in the last election,” Price said.

Price concluded his diatribe by saying that if we can allow Internet gambling in the form of horse racing and state run lotteries, which Bachus approves of, then all other forms of online gambling should also be legal and regulated.

“The guy is quite simply a hypocrite,” Price said, “and he should be kicked out of office like the rest of the corrupt politicians.”

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