South Florida Poker Room Slows After Bad Beat Jackpots Are Hit

The Seminole Coconut Creek Casino is not as big as the other Seminole casino in South Florida. The Hard Rock in Hollywood might get all the attention, but for over a month it was the Creek casino that was getting the poker players.

The bad beat jackpot at the casino had grown to over $170,000. Players were flocking to the casino to try and win the jackpot. So many people were playing, that the secondary jackpot also grew to over $100,000.

The second jackpot begins to grow in the background of the primary. At the Creek casino, when the primary grew to over $150,000, they changed their percentage structure to filter more money toward the secondary jackpot.

The chaos that was created lasted for over a month, but finally the jackpots were hit. Ironically enough, after not being hit for over a month, the primary and secondary jackpots were both hit in the same day.

“It has been crazy in here for a while. I’m just glad that the jackpots were hit, now I won’t have to wait to play cards anymore. It stunk having all those people coming from other casinos to play just for the jackpot,” said Brad Sellmer, a regular in the Coconut Creek poker room.

With things now back to normal, the casino will turn its attention to expansion. They are planning major expansion to the casino that will result in a bigger facility than the one they currently have at the Hard Rock. Up until now, however, there has been no agreement reached with the city of Coconut Creek for the expansion.

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